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Company Environment
The language and customs may vary, the business segment and products may be different, but there is something unmistakable about the nature of our company's environment that lets you know you're in a NetARCH company. You'll find our physical work environment to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable settings for the fast-paced activity that takes place. In a similar way, NetARCH's cultural environment provides a friendly, casual, and entrepreneurial setting, where you will:

* Be stimulated by talented colleagues
* Benefit from the ability to fully participate in the business and truly learn its many facets
* Have autonomy and flexibility
* Appreciate the opportunity to help bring about meaningful change
* Be challenged by developmental assignments
* Enjoy the genuine camaraderie that is always present, and the attitude of teamwork you sense in everyone with whom you work

Sharing Core Values
Working at NetARCH may mean belonging to any one of our consultant or instructor operating units around the globe. And within each operating unit, employees may perform different tasks in different job functions. But our diverse organization is unified by the fact that employees in our company environment share our core values. Our Credo and our Standards of Leadership, which define these values and supporting behaviors, are evident in daily actions, interactions, and decisions. The core values we share attract people with the same fundamental characteristics: * They're passionate about their jobs

* They learn from and respect one another
* They behave with honesty and integrity toward others
* They place the customer first
* They're innovative thinkers and agents of change
* They thrive on mastering complexity
* They succeed through interdependent partnering
* They support the development of people
* They value diversity of personal and academic backgrounds
* They're sensitive to the need for maintaining work/life balance

You'll find that the unique character of our company environment, and the bond our shared values created across, make NetARCH a different and distinctively special place to work.

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